Oct 01

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I’d like to converse about failure, something that has been central to discussions of DH and of critical theory — as well as to those suspicious of either or both.

And rather than rattle off a list of that stuff here, it seems like it’d be a lot more interesting to see what everyone could bring to it there. We could perhaps work on our own glorious failure, such as a map of this very subject. Or we could just play some Binding of Isaac. Whatever folks are keen on, really, so long as it’s more “rousing” and less “success.”

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  1. bholland


  2. Natalia Cecire

    This could be an interesting place to bring together the many valences of failure (“#fail” as an attitudinal designation, to the relative concreteness of systems failing to work, to recent celebrations of pedagogical failure, to the retreats and involutions of Jack Halberstam’s “queer art of failure”). It is interesting how central “failure” has become in recent critical discourse. Perhaps, in this economic moment, it is the natural consequence of “risk.”

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