Sep 27

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Cars, trains, lines of flight

Hi everyone,

A few logistical details, mostly just re-linking from the logistics page (thanks for putting that together, Andrew):

I’ve had multiple panicked tweets from campers who fear that the train from [x] to New Brunswick does not run on the weekends. New Jersey Transit is your friend.* There is an 8:14 train from Penn Station that will put you in New Brunswick at 9:11, with plenty of time to walk to Murray Hall. (It’s like three blocks.) Sadly, if you’re coming from Philadelphia, you’ll need to take SEPTA to Trenton and transfer to New Jersey Transit there. This is not fast, but it does run on the weekend.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CARPOOL WITH OTHER CAMPERS: may I suggest posting to that effect on this here blog so that others might come out of the woodwork and contact you. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A ROOMMATE, ditto.

You can find hotel information here. The Heldrich and the Hyatt are each in close walking distance to Murray Hall. [UPDATE: 9/30 I’m told the Heldrich and the Hyatt are both full up. Anyone staying at the Crowne Plaza Edison can get a ride in my tiny bean-car, assuming you are okay with showing up on the early side.] There will be parking available on campus (thanks to Meredith for setting that up).

For those of you who have asked me about scheduling details: I hope to have that for you soon.

Ok! More session ideas, y’all! And as always, email with questions or concerns: .

*Words I cannot believe I just wrote.

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  1. Meredith L. McGill

    Just a note to confirm that parking ought to be no trouble. We have officially secured access to Lot 16 behind Murray Hall, which means that the gate ought to be open both Sat. and Sun. mornings. There will also be a sign on George St. indicating that this is the Lot for THATCamp Theory. Alas, Saturday is a Football Saturday, but the stadium is across the river and the the traffic on Rt. 18 probably won’t get gnarly until mid-afternoon.

  2. Clarissa Lee

    Anybody driving up from the North Carolina/South East region who will pass by through the Triangle region including Durham? Willing to share driving, gas, and parking costs!

  3. Amanda

    Anyone else staying at the Hampton Inn?

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