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  1. Patrick

    Ooh! I like this! Another possible dataset might be the TEI from MLA’s Variorum editions. Looks like they provide the TEI, and bibliographies are (kinda) easily extracted to manipulate. (Not sure if that’s just a subset of what you already have).

    I’m extra curious about how you have manipulated/exposed the datasets you have!

  2. Andrew Goldstone

    Also: quantified evaluation of scholarly “impact”–an already existing “theory”?

  3. Andrew Goldstone

    Awesome idea about the MLA Variorum data–the bibliography for the Comedy of Errors is in its own xml file in the “NVS Challenge” repository–let’s play with this!

  4. Andrew Goldstone

    re exposing dataset–sigh. cf. remark about “closed access.”

  5. Patrick

    Don’t want to detract attention from the core idea that we don’t treat archives as objects of study themselves, but I’ve done some example playing with NVS Challenge data at BillCritOMatic if interested

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